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エロくのいちが大好き~Female Ninja~

エッチなくのいちが活躍するゲーム・DVDなど紹介しています。 Female Ninja/Spy is tortured in erotic ANIME,MANGA,Doujinshi,Game.


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Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 2: Futanari Elves

All elves in the kingdom are beautiful futanari with swinging breasts, and huge cocks full of cum in 7 animated scenes! 25 animated sexual positions with multiple camera angles, and over 70 CG images, featuring breast sex, double-penetration, internal cumshot, footjob, frottage(cock-rubbing), masturbation, 69, and more!

New in volume 2: improved animation with more camera angles and high-resolution images, realistic pubic hair, improved 3D modeling of clothing and genitals, more scenes and more sexual positions.

Welcome back to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!

テーマ:アニメHCG - ジャンル:アダルト

  1. 2008/04/30(水) 04:16:59|
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Ninja Girl-den

Yet another addition to the baka-ero hentai route thus far, turn the volume up with the introduction of the Ayane assault route!

Love DOA! Love boobs! Boobs are justice!

テーマ:二次元総合 漫画・エロゲー・小説・エロアニメなど - ジャンル:アダルト

  1. 2008/03/30(日) 21:21:39|
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Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. I: Sex with Creatures (PC ver.)

Girls having sex with a variety of fantasy creatures. Catgirl, angel, giant, orcs, golem, ghoul. Futanari, breast sex, and more.
6 animated scenes and 20+ CG pictures.

Excellent 3D animation, with sound and music. Welcome to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!

テーマ:エッチな同人誌、同人ソフト - ジャンル:アダルト

  1. 2008/02/28(木) 04:13:49|
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Taimanin Asagi vol.03 - Shimai Aiutsu!

Taimanin Asagi vol.03 - Shimai Aiutsu!

The Taimanin sisters Asagi and Sakura finally fall into depravity at Oboro's hands! Taking advantage of their desire to save one another, Oboro subjects the two to extreme sexual abuse. The two sisters, dressed up as slave prostitutes, their pride completely shattered, are a must-see. Don't miss out on more than 30 minutes of violent animation that excels even the first two episodes in the series!

* The return of the evil genius Murakami Teruaki!He has produced over 15 games and animations that became hits in their own right! And now, under Murakami Teruaki's supervision, the third installment of the Taimanin Asagi series is a fact! Asagi, Sakura and Oboro's intense orgasms, the white of their eyes, the tentacles, the gang bangs, etc. are displayed in all their beauty and obscenity in 30 minutes of full, brutal animation! This is a beautiful, obscene, brutal animation in 30 minutes about female ninjas who are sexually trained and gang banged.

[Taimanin Asagi vol.03 - Shimai Aiutsu!]の続きを読む

テーマ:アニメHCG - ジャンル:アダルト

  1. 2008/02/03(日) 08:20:26|
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Feel the Flash! HARDCORE - Kasumi - (English translated version)

"Feel the Flash! HARDCORE - kasumi -" is a clickable "touching" simulaton game which consists of Flash animation.
It is very simple to play. You can enjoy seeing her various reactions by clicking or dragging cursor after placing on the part where you want to touch.
For example, when you want to lift up her clothes, drag lapel to the direction you want to turn it over. When you want to squeeze the breasts, grab and turn it round and round........we took time and elaborately created the simple, direct operation.
This is not just a touching game, you can do a variety of sexual naughty things.
No irritating game rule is featured here, you can enjoy touching and even more.
For more details, visit our website. Free demo is also available.

テーマ:二次元総合 漫画・エロゲー・小説・エロアニメなど - ジャンル:アダルト

  1. 2008/01/10(木) 21:25:17|
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